It’s been a while!


Before you state the obvious, I am more than aware that it’s been some time since I last dropped by! But I come bearing gifts! Beautiful, wonderful, musical gifts!

First off, I’ve received a few Tokyo Dawn promos over the last couple of weeks, and can only say that the continual flow of persistently good music is nothing short of astounding. The most recent is Amalia’s debut album ‘Art Slave‘, produced by long time collaborator and man of the moment Opolopo, and featuring remixes from Atjazz and AD Bourke. Our old mate Grems even drops in for a cameo.

There’s a video teaser up on YouTube, check it out:

If you still don’t have Opolopo’s ‘Voltage Controlled Feelings‘ in your life yet, you need to go cop that too while you’re over at TDR. ‘Ballad For Amalia’ and ‘Kobayashi Maru’ are outstanding (full previews available on the site).

Next on the agenda, I’m sure you’ll be aware that Valentine’s Day is just a few hours away. Have you bought those cards and flowers yet? Made yourself a mixtape to play in the background while you share a romantic meal? I’m afraid I can’t help much with the first two (maybe try Moonpig and Interflora, although you might be pushing it if you’ve left it this late), but as far as the music is concerned I may be able to assist.

Mixcloud is the logical first port of call, as all of the mixes which are tagged ‘Valentine’s Day’ are easily accessed by clicking here. I particularly enjoyed Fullrange’s Sexy Soul Mix and OdDio’s ‘Come Hither‘ mix.

That would be boring though. Why not dig a little deeper?

Stone has put a nice entry on The Couch Sessions, with a tasty ‘luvstep’ mix if you’re that way inclined (Caspa remix of ‘I Remember’ etc).

How about one of Mike from Mad Mongos’ Soul Love Groove mixes? I’ve been playing number 12 in the car for a couple of weeks now, I imagine that should do the trick!

Or maybe you’d prefer Dancitron’s aptly titled ‘Erection Selection‘? Title says it all really… Dwele, Jill Scott, D’Angelo, Kem etc.

If all else fails, why not return to the classic… The undisputed champion of love albums… Questlove’s ‘Babies Makin’ Babies’ from 2002 (a ‘timeless collection of soul and rare grooves’). And if you’re alone and without someone to love on this Valentine’s Day, reach for part two: ‘Babies Makin’ Babies 2 – Misery Strikes Back’. Both are available for a limited time only here and here.

And finally, one of my favourite live performances of all time, just because I can… George Duke playing ‘Love Reborn’ in Tokyo, the year I was born.

See you soon! (I promise!)

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