…the Brownswood forum. It’s been a while since I had a good look around – probably a couple of years in fact! It’s a miserable day outside, and I need cheering up. So far, so good… You need Fat Dog’s ‘Those That Know‘ mix in your life.

(I think you have to register to see the full Brownswood forum these days… Definitely worth it, though)

I’ve also been spending a lot of time lately on Put Me On It, ISO50, Attorney St, Play Jazz Loud and Sonic Router, where there are fine selections of musical distraction for days such as these.

If you don’t have the curiosity to venture away from here to those sites for a goosey gander, or simply can’t bear to leave me, here’s a few links to other things I’ve been enjoying today:

> Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

> Levi Live (Community) – Epiphany Mix

> Soul Frequency Vol. 2 – Mixed by Raw Culture & Aphreme

> Aretha Franklin – Till You Come Back 2 Me (Dom Navarra Re-Edit) (DL)

> Domu – Dangerous Times (Simbad Remix)